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Appearance matters in all aspects of life, a confident personality can catch more attentions then a shivering one and if we discuss about confidence, it came with sensible clothing, a soft Maquillage and comfort accessories. Now come to the way help changing your appearance. Here are 4 simple tips which help changing your personality and looks.



 For a decent classy looks just wear a shiny leather jacket or long coat with a white, black or brown shirt. Blue jean is perfect with leather jacket. Use a combinational leather pouch and hat with cow boy shoes this looks amazing for outdoor working, for indoor clothing you can remove hat and can place a hair band and leather slippers for comfort.




Can’t figure out what style of hairs suits you best?
A decent look comes with a gorgeous hair style, try to tie up a ponytail or let hair free if you hairs are silky ,straight and shine, if hairs are rough try some smoothing gel, conditioners and hair toner for managing hair and make a stylish braid. Short and open hairs are also looks perfect for those who have round face.


  • MAKE UP:


Soft makeup can give you relevant looks. Only use a light pink glows for fairer complexion and a light brown for darker skin do not use bright red for regular use it can be perfect for parties but not for regular meetings. Wear a light brown or black eye liner and a light foundation which can blend with your skin color easily. Do not use light foundation with darker tone.




For an amazing personality accessories does matter which indicates your adicates, now which accessories to bring with new look, here are tips if you were wearing a jacket then use a long side purse and leather watch which match your jacket and jeans. Also carry small earings or tops.


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