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Types of varsities

Varsity Jackets – The Old New Trend. When it comes to the fashion trends, one thing is for sure, there will be nothing too new or too old, that’s why if you are planning to throw away few old items out of your closet. You may never know when these garments will come back in fashion and you will wear fashion hit.

One of the main differences between traditional and modern varsity jackets is the material. You can still buy thick cotton jackets but they now also come in a wide variety of materials; leather, silk, nylon, suede and so on. The move away from cotton means that most new varsity jackets have lost the heavy box silhouette.

The growing popularity of at leisure wear for men has resulted in the varsity jacket taking on many new styles and while more options are great they also lead to a lot more fashion choices. Here’s a guide to different varsity jackets and how to wear them.

Men’s varsity jackets have become ever so popular though-out the years, to the point they even have their own style tribes. Here are a few here below; hopefully after this you’ll find one that suits you.

Preppy Men’s Letterman Jacket Look


Go for a jacket that plays up the varsity jackets unique points; the leather sleeves, contrasting cuffs, collar and waistband, and, of course, choose one with a letter. As most of us won’t be able to wear the prestigious H on our jackets, why not follow Michael Jackson’s lead and get a jacket with your initials on. Stick with the classic cotton body and avoid monotone jackets. Instead, try a bright color that is more reminiscent of college colors and will stand out against the white leather sleeves.

Complete the look with a pair of classic chinos, or if you’re really feeling preppy, why not try a colored or patterned trouser; check out Vito for a great selection of both. This is easiest with a navy

varsity jacket because as a subtle color, blue goes well with brighter colors than a red or green jacket. Choose trousers that stop at the ankle.

If you go with brightly coloured trousers choose a simple top in a subtle colour; a white shirt will keep the look crisp and preppy. Otherwise colour isn’t a problem and there’s nothing wrong with matching the colour of your top with the jacket. Polos and plaid shirts will help you get the preppy look, and layer up in winter with a thick wool cardigan.

Sporty Varsity Jacket Look
The sporty look is what the varsity jacket does best; it’s a great and very easy way to add a sporty, yet casual, vibe to your outfit.

You have two choices of varsity jacket to get a sporty look; which you choose is up to your personal sense of style. Your first choice is a looser jacket with less of a boxy silhouette that will give you a more modern, sports-luxe look. The Billionaire Boys Club Team Varsity Jacket will get you this look.

Like varsity jackets, joggers started as sportswear but now have a firm place in men’s street-style; making them the perfect combo. Joggers will keep the outfit casual and naturally have an ease about them that will make you look like you were born with style and just threw the outfit together. Dark or light joggers will work, but keep them simple and avoid bold patterns. Publish and Champion have a great selection to choose from.

The Blue Varsity Jacket (or Chelsea Varsity Jacket Style)

The blue varsity jacket is less common but looks great in the summer or spring weather. With this style you can wear dark jeans, but light blue jeans look great too! Colour matching an element of your trainers will anchor the style together.

The Black Varsity Jacket

The black varsity jacket is a fashion favourite. Usually made in leather of suede for the luxury market, though a nice cotton one is still stylish. Just like any black jacket you can get away with wearing it with almost anything. However, a black jacket and a dark blue jean combination is always a favourite.

The Black and Grey Varsity Jackets

Black and grey varsity jackets have been making their rounds on the blogs recently. They are an update to black leather jacket and are really easy to style.

Men’s varsity jackets have become ever so popular though-out the years, to the point they even have their own style tribes. Here are a few here below; hopefully after this you’ll find one that suits you.

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