The Fame Leathers is a company which lets the customers avail the stylish, trendy, innovative and flawless leather products. The products are made up of high quality and are the team of professionals is committed to providing the best product. None of the product has damaged neither tore because the products have gone through various steps to confirm that the finalized product is great and well manufactured.

Fame Leathers does not compromise on the quality and does not intend to scam the client by making false commitments. Any customers from any region who will shop through our website have to follow the Return exchange policy. We will try our best to serve the customers with the excellent service and cooperate with them in the best way.

Customer selection

Our customer service agents will obey the requirements provided by the customers for the leather jackets. We will provide the finalized product as defined according to the size, arrangement, style and look provided. The making of the jackets will be strictly followed by the methods provided. However due to some reason if the jacket size does not fit the customer then it is essential to contact the customer agent within 3 days.

No exchange or return policy will be entertained after the three days of all customer or standard jackets. So before placing the order, always cross check the measurement and provide the comprehensive details.

Color or size

If the customer does not find the size or color of the leather jacket appropriate or the details does not match with your placed order, then email the pictures and the order requirements to one of our customer service agent within three days. The exchange or return of the jacket will be done as soon as possible.

More than two products

No exchange or return will be entertained if a customer orders more than two products at one time. The idea is to restrict the resale of the products and replace it when there is no sale. This approach also eliminates the action of the customers who place an order for many products and select one after trying. No measurement, color or size will be changed within 24 hours after placing the order because it will be sent for processing.

Order cancellation process

The Fame Leathers will cancel the order if

  • The order modification is not placed within 3 days of receiving the parcel. After the3days, deduction of 25% will be made from the placed order.
  • If the order cancellation process is placed within 7days then 45% will be deducted from the original amount of the item.
  • After 7 days the annulment on order will not be processed


The refund policy will only be given if the customer does not receive the order after the 29 days of shipment. The refund will be paid in any order after the client confirmation. Just remember that the period of 29 days starts from the day we receive the payment confirmation. Somehow if we do not receive the consignment number within 6 working days, Fame Leathers will provide a complete refund.