Shipping methods and the costs

The shipping costs or the delivery charges will not be based on the number of items purchased because we provide 100% free shipping worldwide. Http:// shipment costs do not depend on various factors. No matter what the location is and where the required items need to be delivered, the available shipping methods and the weight of the package does not affect Fame Leathers shipping policy.

Every website follows its rules and regulations and charges accordingly to the order. Once the order is sited, the customer will be asked for the confirmation by the agent, and after the confirmation, the order will leave the warehouse. Later on, the order will be handled by the shipping carrier. The order will be delivered worldwide within 10-15 working days to any specified address.

After the checkout process, you will be asked for any customization order through the customer service agent. Shipping costs do not apply and do not depend on the items ordered or the weight of the package as well as the destination. While placing the order, you will be notified on that we offer free shipping through FedEx courier. So do not fall into any scam or do not pay to mirror websites who ask for the shipping costs.

Just remember that the customer can only avail the up gradation option during the confirmation of the order. After the approval, the order cannot be upgraded and then you have to pay for the second shipment along with the second order if placed.

Delivery and Policy

Our team of professionals strives hard for the fulfillment of the custom orders. The custom orders are not similar in nature and have specified deadlines. It is good if customers clarify the desired date to receive the package. However, the order will be delivered into 10 to 15 working days worldwide.

Worldwide customers

Whether you are a resident of US,or anywhere in the region then shipment or the order will be delivered within10-15 working days. The working days are counted from Monday to Friday excluding the federal holidays. You will only receive the confirmation if the clear credit authorization must be received through the PayPal payment system.

Payment methods

The payment method provided by our website is safe and secure. We, Fame Leathers, understand the worth of the personal details and respect the privacy. We only receive the payment through the PayPal system, or payment through the MasterCard or Visa is also accepted. If due to some reason, the authentication of the credit card failed more than three times then the specified ID will be blocked, and the customer cannot place the order.